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Title: August 5-12 trip to Laniel
Post by: 600 miles north on August 15, 2017, 06:46:59 PM
     Sorry all, I have been lacking here lately on the board. I haven't even uploaded my pics to my computer yet, as soon as I do I will share them with you.
     We had an uneventful trip north with my nephew and son following us. Got tired eyes around 4 am so we pulled over for an hour, and didn't want to push my nephew, although I was probably the one who really needed to pull over! I don't know how my nephew managed the position in the jeep Cherokee to rest that he did, but butt on the steering wheel, turned over on his knees and laying over the seat with his head laying on the gear behind him for me laughing so hard I was awake for the day!
     We arrived in Laniel and were happy to see Silvy and  Jacque at the store in Laniel and chatted with them for a bit after buying fishing liscense's and beer. I sure am going to miss them when they sell the store, they are great people who sure go out of their way for us!
    Everyday we had some rain, but managed to have enough time outdoors to enjoy ourselves. We have never gone up to strictly fish. We enjoy canoeing and traveling down lake for a picnic and the likes. Our friend on the lake Dave and his bunch took us to a new island in the canals and we enjoyed a good time with them one afternoon. All the kids were jumping off a short cliff into the water and swimming around, until thunder chased us off. Dave had also had us over for dinner a couple nights prior, and was really good catching up with them! Sure is great to have the neighbors we have! We really appreciate all that they do for us!
     Speaking of great neighbors, Richard and Catherine are equally awesome. He is the fish whisperer in our parts, and just plain old knows how to catch fish. We go down the lake towards McKenzie about an hour, but he knows where to catch them. First time we went, my wife Monica, myself and our 7 year old Blake went with him. Meanwhile my 15 year old Tyler, my nephew Daniel, and our youngest daughter Chloe went in our boat. Same place, but they refused to follow what we were doing and got skunked, while we kept pulling them in. I should say my wife, and Richard, who would then hand his rod to Blake were in fire. Jigging with worms around a sunken island that he marked out for us and we fished the edges of in 20 or so feet of water.
     The last night we were there Richard took us out again. Feeling bad for the boys I let them go with him. I took Monica, Blake, and Chloe with me. There were storms possible that noght... and they found us! We did well again, Richards boat much better. But the lightning crashing around us had my wife on edge to say the least! The boys told a story that Richard threw his line out and it seemed to hang in the air and he claimed that there was so much static electricity in the air that lightning was going to crash, and before they knew it BOOM! With an hour trip down the lake we weren't in a good position to get out of it. Luckily it wasn't windy with this storm just rain and lightning! The whole way home Monica prayed and said this isn't how she wanted to end it all! She said not on her bucket list but glad we made it back in one piece. And can laugh about it now.
     There are a lot of fish in Kipawa, you just have to know where to look for them. What structure and depth they are at and you will catch fish all day and night! I have learned much from this board, and especially Richard!
     We had another great year and I love that my kids all love going up there. Love being out in nature and don't mind being disconnected from society and social media for the week. Living without electricity and running water and just an outhouse in the woods makes us appreciate life's simple pleasures when we get home!
     Cheers! I hope to post some pics when I get a chance.

600 miles north is where I would rather be!

Title: Re: August 5-12 trip to Laniel
Post by: Hodgey1 on August 15, 2017, 08:14:59 PM
Nice report, glad to hear that your entire family enjoys it! Warms my heart and makes me want to get my grandchildren 600 miles north. Seems today that families are just in a never ending, self inflicted, merry go round of busy. Kids swimming and jumping off rocks, fishing and roughing it are memories being made!
Title: Re: August 5-12 trip to Laniel
Post by: Canuckbass on August 15, 2017, 08:17:49 PM
Great report!! It's all about the kids! Glad to see you bring them to Kipawa.
Title: Re: August 5-12 trip to Laniel
Post by: Riverrat on August 15, 2017, 09:40:27 PM
sorry to miss u again Brad.  I saw there was a boat at your cottage a couple of times over the last couple of weeks
Title: Re: August 5-12 trip to Laniel
Post by: Oarin on August 15, 2017, 10:35:34 PM
Hi Brad, really glad you and your family got back this year. Having your kids there learning about the outdoors is priceless! I waited way too long to take Jon to Kipawa, but we enjoy every minute we're there. We're going back to the outpost cabin next year and spending time with each other in a beautiful cabin 6 miles from anyone. Kipawa is a magical and peaceful place that I hope my old body can handle for a few more years. Can't wait to see your pictures. Thanks for the post, Oarin.
Title: Re: August 5-12 trip to Laniel
Post by: Cmdr. Bluegill on August 16, 2017, 08:32:11 AM
Good for you, Brad.  I know how much your family (and you) love the trips to Kipawa.  Was wondering why you didn't ask the Captain and I to look after your garden while you were gone.  ???

Commander Bluegill
Title: Re: August 5-12 trip to Laniel
Post by: limacharley on August 16, 2017, 09:31:45 AM
Rick the Fish Whisperer.......good Lord......ha ha; .....his good friends know him by another nickname.
Title: Re: August 5-12 trip to Laniel
Post by: T-Bone on August 16, 2017, 11:51:30 AM
Great report 600....nice to hear you got back up there to keep the juices flowing through your family.

I'd say you have a few nuts loose when it comes to being out on the lake in weather. And we all know how quickly something can whip-up on Kipawa. If we hear thunder in the distance without any sight of lightening, we're off the lake. If we see lightening, we're off the lake at full speed no matter how far away it is. Just too risky. I've been caught on Canadian lakes before where we have to beach it and hunker down in the bush...I'm the guy praying while I snuggle the nearest ground bush. Just too dangerous to risk it anymore in my is too precious and I have way to much to live for. Glad you made it back to the cabin safely.

Can't wait to see the pics!!!

Title: Re: August 5-12 trip to Laniel
Post by: GregL on August 16, 2017, 03:21:46 PM
Great report Brad!

I've been twice this year (our 1st year on this lake) and both times we've been exposed to what can kick up on Kip with the right or should I say wrong wind conditions HAHA!!

But those eyes sure like that wind! Back at it with some family members on the long weekend..hope we can find'm again!

Thanks for sharing
Title: Re: August 5-12 trip to Laniel
Post by: puckster_guy on August 29, 2017, 12:37:14 PM
Hey Brad. I know now what you mean that you don't go there just to fish. I find I enjoy just sitting by a fire with a beer and cigar as much as my evening trolls.. Attitude shifting a bit the more I'm there.