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General Discussion / Re: Key landmarks & Destinations on the Lake
« Last post by puckster_guy on May 26, 2018, 06:08:57 PM »
Hey Crackers, I was trolling the narrows north of grindstone last week. I got about 5 over a couple of hours on an exploratory troll. I used to be strictly a troller and still lean that way. I only just learned how to jig a few yrs ago. It is kinda fun jigging but still mostly troll. Thhirty yrs ago I used to access Brennan via the Garden river from Maniwaki. What a trip that was, before they cut the road in. Hopefully retiring next year So I wanna check out those lakes you were talking about. Lets get together for a beer and a chat some time. I'd Love to pick your brain about the area.
Fishing Discussion / Re: Walleye Spawn
« Last post by crackers42 on May 26, 2018, 05:56:56 PM »
Spawn was right on time this year, in another week I wouldn't waste  your time jigging.

Trolling with a worm harness in extremely shallow water will do the trick. 

Fish will be very aggressive and have the feed bag on first few weeks of June.
General Discussion / Re: Key landmarks & Destinations on the Lake
« Last post by crackers42 on May 26, 2018, 05:55:27 PM »

We troll 100% of the time unless we are jigging for lake trout.  I find you will cover more water and definitely produce alot bigger fish.

up your area Joes is good on opener and maybe into this weekend jigging but after that I would troll.  Long narrows is good but better early in the year.  Red pine is good but tough to fish with the current.

There is a beauty lake just around the corner from you that we fish alot and will share with you when I stop in.

I think you are referring to Raged Chute, the ultimate trip is Turners Falls but it is extremely hard to get to but worth the trip.  You have to float  your boat up a river (maybe 10 fee wide) and depending on the year the rapids can you take you down in a hurry.

after opener and right up to labor day you will be surprised how many fish are in 10 feet of water or less (Especially later in the day with slightly deeper water nearby).

If you are willing to pull your boat out (or buy a light 12 footer) you have quite a few opportunities across the red pine bridge on the road within a 30 min drive: Mckillop, Pance, Coyote, Brownee etc. but you have to buy a Zec License

We are going to try a lake we fished years ago but is a little bit of a portage to say the least.  The amount of large pickerel in this small lake was unbelievable so hopefully the public hasnt spoiled it over the years.

General Discussion / Re: Key landmarks & Destinations on the Lake
« Last post by Greg on May 26, 2018, 05:28:53 PM »
Wow, fantastic information, thanks Puckster and Crackers... love this kind of discussion. 

So many possible destinations... that is what I love about Kipawa.

Thanks for the info guys. WOW! that is some cottage!

Thatís his fish camp, you donít want to see his cottage.
Well deserved.
General Discussion / Re: Key landmarks & Destinations on the Lake
« Last post by puckster_guy on May 26, 2018, 03:00:30 PM »
 Geez Crackers you know my area much better then I do. As a 7 yr veteran of the Red Pine area I fee I'm just scratching the surface as to the potential of my area. I have had many 70 fish days
 To the point of being tired of jigging and catching and just going for a troll. And that is just on my half of MacLauglan Lake. Shoals and points are plentiful and all produce fish. Some more so then others but if one spot is dead the one next to it will produce. I haven't even touched the Sheffield lake area except for a day trip exploring to the Turner rapids.I tried a few spots out of curiosity and found some fish. I left that area meaning to come back one day I will. Construction is taking up far too much of my time but I'm almost done the cabin. I can go on and on but I think you guys get the picture.
 If you guys make the trip out this way please stop in for a beer, I'd be happy to show you around the lake and my lot.
General Discussion / Re: Key landmarks & Destinations on the Lake
« Last post by crackers42 on May 26, 2018, 12:21:49 PM »

As far as going down to Grindstone or beyond is really missing out on the best fishing in the system (in my mind).

Grindstone is a good sized with the following spots:

- right hand side behind the island (right after you go through Butneys) is a good shoal
- there is a hump out in the middle for jigging where the lake trout like to hang out
- whole left side is cottages (all the tips of the island if the wind is going into them are good)
- island at the end of Grindstone on the right is a popular jigging spot

What alot of people dont know is if you come out of butneys hand a left, go back in the bay and there will be a cottage on the right (only one back there).  There is trail behind it that leads into Pettesi (nice lake trout and pickerel) but over the years it has been spoiled and isnt what it used to be (but if you want to walk the trail a nice adventure)

Once  you get to the end of Grindstone you can either go right to Mungo (some others call it by the lake and a bunch of cottages you view) or take the shortcut left.

This will bring you into Mungo (right takes you down to the main landing for the majority of this side of the lake which is where my camp is main one there on the point) or you can go left up the long narrows to Joes.  Once you come through the long narrows (you will often see bald eagles in here) you can hand a left and go way back (There is trail at the end of the lake you can explore) or hand a right and go up to Puckster (Red Pine).

For some reason alot of people do not go past red pine and for right reason (you really have to know the waters up that way or else the bottom end will come of the motor pretty quick).  If you take your time you can find as follows"

- up through red pine go through first lake and first left you come to take it and that will take you down to a bridge (That you can float your boat under) and into Mckillop (once you pass this point you need a Zec License).  Years ago (before the road was built) we would go in there and lose count of 10lb+ pickerl and pike 20+ pounds but as usual over the years it got spoiled.  If you venture up through mckillop around the narrows brings you into pance, top right hand side there used be old rail car system you could strap the boats to and lift up the hill into Coytoe (some others may call it different) and get quebec reds (once again some others may call if something different).

- if you pass on the above and go up through the next narrows and through two more lakes  you will come to chefield (very nice spot to stop and swim and eat etc.

- Was you have a swim and something to eat keep on going a couple more lakes and you will come the raged chute.  Once again there used to be a rail car system here that you could portage your boats but no longer there.

- One last venture if after you get past chefield you could hang a right through a bunch of small rivers and lakes and this will  bring you right back around to around Booth Lake (About 323 mile marker on the Maniwaki Hwy.

- If you want something shorter (And I think it was mentioned above) instead of going through the chute to turtle island (not sure if you are referring to the old turtle camp) right before you get into Butneys hang a left and this will take you up through the dam (really good spot on opener but careful you are behind the wire) and this will take you all the way up to Hunters but on the right side.

- A few times a year we will venture into ZEC territory and if you are willing to put in the time there are some gem lakes to be found.

As far as bass you wont see any down past Grindstone but you will see some whitefish, lake trout, and of course pickerel
Hope this helps.
General Discussion / Re: Key landmarks & Destinations on the Lake
« Last post by Oarin on May 25, 2018, 10:55:05 PM »
Hi Greg, we too enjoy exploring different areas. The farthest I've gone is Campbell Bay. It is really a beautiful trip. You should get there. As for bass, TBL's area has some huge bass. We don't target them and have gotten them with slip bobbers and a leech. This year I hope to take my son,Jon, to Campbell Bay. -Not sure if I spelled the bay's name right. We will be at TBL's outpost cabin on the 14th of July -the 19th.   50 more days!! If you get that far in your adventures stop in and see us. Oarin.
General Discussion / Key landmarks & Destinations on the Lake
« Last post by Greg on May 25, 2018, 08:08:25 PM »
I've been thinking about starting this thread for a couple of weeks now and am finally going to try to put words down in a new thread in hopes of receiving some suggestions and great feedback as always... and as we seem to have a many new(er) members on the board, it may inspire some exploring of the lake. 

For those that have read my trip reports, over the last 4 years, we usually pick one day to head in a direction to a new area of the lake we have never been before - we call this our adventure day.  Pack a lunch and head out for the entire day.  Usually with the hopes of a specific landmark or destination in mind - just to say "we made it there".

Here are some great suggestions for new members, and old ones as well!  I wanted to ask everyone else to contribute their suggestions as well - I strongly encourage everyone to explore the beauty of lake Kipawa - I look back at our day-trips as some of the best days we had... (also, for my selfish reasons that my buddy Eric and my son Justin and I have started planning the details of our trip - our count-down to July 14 is just 50 days away now! - and we are looking for a couple of adventure days).

Key locations on the lake (we have visited all these before):

- visit the other outfitters, even if it is just a drive by - check the map on this form!
- Canal bay (central area of the lake) - fantastic place - after 12 years, I visited this for the first time last year
- the beach (amazing place with outhouses, picnic tables, BBQs, etc.) on the tiny island right by the entrance to Canal bay - great place for shore lunch, swim, and lots of socializing on weekends ( central)
- going through the chute (on the way up to the Turtle Island)
- going through the north river (the bay behind Kipawa lodge) towards turtle island (I find this area of the lake beautiful with lots of small beeches to pull up on and have lunch and swim - if you have time, go completely around turtle island) - I have seen bear, moose and deer in this area.
- Hunters Point - go visit the old church and old buildings (ghost town last inhabited in the 60's) - amazing place!!
- where else???

Potential adventure days for us this year... here is where I am looking for feedback and suggestions...

- I have never been up the north west finger of the lake towards Chalet Diane and the dam... anything unique or key up this area you recommend to not miss?

- I've gone as far as lake Grindstone (south east side of the lake), but only to the opening - never deep into Grindstone and never north into McLachlin lake - anything interesting up there?  (T-Bone, I know your gang stayed in that area couple of years ago - did you venture up there?)

- During our tour (adventure day) last year, we visited a many other outfitters in the north end of the lake, but after cruising by Two Moon Lodge, we missed turning east and going as far as all the way to Taggarts Bay Lodge - I have heard so much about TBL on this forum that I would like to see it!  Oarin, I believe you are there the same week as us.

- Bass - so this is a different kind of adventure day - and could be a separate thread on it's own.. we have had the discussion around more and more bass are making their way south to the central part of the lake (I have caught 1 bass each year in the central area of the lake around Corbeau island and Sunnyside).  However, many people have commented how many bass they catch (and usually in the 3 to 4 lb rage) in other areas of the lake - usually the north end of the lake - if we wanted to make 1 adventure day to specifically target bass just for something different - where would you recommend?  And do you target small mouth or large mouth (and what baits... top water baits? jigging plastics works?).  I am very familiar with targeting bass in my home area (Ottawa river) - it is pretty simple - throw a frog into weeds/or on lily pads, or cast buzz-baits beside weed lines and you draw the bass out.  Kipawa is a different kind of structure though so just wondering what others do.

Any other suggestions welcome!

Count-down is on... 50 days to go...

Fishing Discussion / Re: Any Updates from Ground Zero?
« Last post by Chazz on May 25, 2018, 05:25:30 PM »
Found this home recipe on line for black fly repellant gonna try it this week opening up my cottage brother-in-law said bugs were bad
2 cups water
1 cup vinegar
10 drops peppermint or spearmint  (essential oil)
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