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We tried fishing (jigging) for Lakers after we hit the 100 foot down to 200 feet - my fish finder was marking fish but we didn't get anything. 

I'll have a look at the video tomorrow - not sure what you are referring to - maybe I completely missed something!

I know you were looking for new videos of me going through the shoot - I think there is a total of 7 now - did you have a look at those?

That canal bay sure is a neat place, never knew about it as I've never been quite that far north. Then it opens into 200 fow, anyone ever fished Lakers up there?
Greg in your second drone vid 0006 starting at 15 sec there is something swimming across the points as you turn to enter the canal. Any idea what it was, I was thinking moose?

Yes. That is it!

There is a nice little beach right there also at the island across from the opening - there are docks, picnic tables, bathrooms back in the woods, etc.  The municipality has built all this up.  One of the drone pictures has a picture of my boat and two large boats docked behind it.   

This beach is party central on a hot summer Saturday afternoon - lots of locals from town make this beach their destination to swim and spend an afternoon.

Is where I circled in red where canal bay is?

Hi Hodgey,

 I think the area you are referring to is canal bay.  Great place - the video doesn't do it justice - you should plan a visit there when you return in September.  I think it would be great to see if the fall colours are out.

Greg, You guys did a great job. Lots of awesome footage from the drone. I particularly like the footage coming threw the area with the shear rock faces. Nice work and thanks for sharing.
Raw videos and pictures...

This is a link to my GoogleDrive... it has been separated into sub folders... there are pictures and videos from multiple sources (Justin's Drone, Justin's phone, Justin's GoPro, my phone and a friend in the next cabin sent us some pictures also).

Way to many to go through, but some have been asking me for some of the videos.  I will get this edited, consolidated and assembled into one video but thought some might want to look around.

There are drone videos of me going through the shoot (multiple angles/multiple heights, etc.).
There are drone videos and pictures of Canal bay (video exiting Canal bay is cool) - Pictures from hundreds of feet up showing Canal bay cut from the trees is also cool.

Lots of fishing, and fooling around - some of these are complete garbage which we won't use in the end video, so just ignore anything that is obviously bad.

One thing I did not put in my trip report, and it has a bunch of pictures and videos... a bald eagle saw us throw a small walleye back into the water while trolling one morning along a shore line - the eagle then decided to stock/follow us and would move up the shore 200 meters at a time, waiting for us to catch another fish and throw it back.  There are lots of pictures of the eagle sitting in the tree (zoom in) and one or two videos of it flying.  It was a really cool experience to see it calmly follow us along a shore for about 45 minutes.

If you have any questions (location or "what the heck is that picture of?") just let me know.

General Discussion / Introductions
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Welcome to @McKenzies wife - lots of great info and people on the board... feel free to introduce yourself and your interest in Kipawa and maybe when you will be returning next?
General Discussion / Re: Joe's excellent adventure.
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 Been asking around for just that.
General Discussion / Re: Joe's excellent adventure.
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Holy Puckster !

Glad to hear you're OK bud.
Maybe get someone with scuba equipment and a good light to go down there and retrieve your stuff.
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