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Outing report - Seguin ON
« on: May 16, 2021, 09:46:31 AM »
Since the trip reports are not flooding in, here is one from opening day in Seguin Ontario (just outside Parry Sound).
The day started with our hooking up and filling the new hot tub - that’s another story......
I gathered the courage to put the suit in and put the dock in. Still waiting for the drop guys....
My son was casting a bass rubber craw and jig and caught a little pike about 16” from the dock. Then he lost a bigger one on the same bait...snapped off.
Put the tin boat in the water. Recently repaired outboard running like a happy with that.  Sunny and bit of a breeze, we decided to do a mid afternoon troll. Large X Rap and a 5 of Diamonds. Immediately hit on the 5 O D...nice fight and a 29” pike. Continued the troll and not a sniff...really enjoyable boat ride, nice to see the good old lake again. Black flies weren’t too bad either, which was surprising. Came aaaall the way back to where we started and hit another little pike. This was the spot - it is right at a river outflow with weeds. You could see fish moving in the shallows. So we cut the engine and do some casting. My son hit a 32” on the Rap that fought real hard with a couple jumps and a few long runs peeling line. How invigorating to hear that sound of pulling fishing with my boy, he loves it. Coaching him just like my day used to...”nice and easy...take your time...don’t horse ‘em....keep the rod tip down”. He was doing just fine, but it’s all part of father/son fishing I guess.
Nicely released. Caught it’s twin 5 min later on the spoon. What fun!
Time to go back and enjoy a tasty cold beer on the deck. Was a toast to Capt Hali...bright sunny warm day, slight breeze. Nothing better. Covid nuth’in!!! Bring on summer!

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Re: Outing report - Seguin ON
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2021, 06:04:17 PM »
Balsams, sounds like you and your son had an outstanding day! Good to hear fishing stories involving fathers and sons. May there be many, many more days ahead!