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bass in north end kipawa
« on: July 02, 2021, 07:32:46 PM »
  Hey all;;  Two moons lodge  has a Youtube  channel..  Julie and Dave have posted small tours of their 5 cabins ;; plus the best part.. Dave has two short videos as of today of a laker he caught and the best
  is a quick video of himself catching a small mouth bass;; on a flyrod;  just off shore of their main cabin;; in shallow water;; A history of two moons;; it is on a sandy point of Loon Bay; the island just out front; you could almost walk across to it  if the water was shallower; This is where Dave is standing/wading  and catching bass. you don`t need a boat for this!!  I am heading back up with my daughter August long weekend(Civic holiday in Canada).. After many years here; still the best;; just off shore from cabin 2(my favorite)  can catch alternate species;; whitefish; herring and lakers can be had jigging once you are over 55 feet, nice current through here;  this is where Wolf Bay deepens out which itself can hold walleyes/bass/pike.. lots of walleye spots; lots of bass, they are everywhere now,, best shore lunch spot, picnic island which is an all sandy island,  you can dock there; shallow sand means swimming on a hot day. You can swim anywhere back at 2 moons cabins . all sand bottom.. My favorite jig lure; is a williams half n half 3/8 ounce. I mark spots i have caught fish an a little garmin  gps.. can go back later if you wish with a canoe or kayak on the calm bay just a few hundred yards off shore and jig around the gps marks.. lots of fun what ever way you choose to fish. Take a break from fishing for a few hours, can walk or mountain bike their trails.. This was suppose to be a quick link to the bass on a fly, but as usual got expanded  (lol).. thanks Mike Simpson

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Re: bass in north end kipawa
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Good post Mike. Obviously a very satisfied client