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Uploading Pics to Posts
« on: November 29, 2014, 03:07:23 PM »
This post is designed to help those who need help uploading pics to their posts. (If these instructions fail to help, please remember you can always send them to me and I can upload them for you.)

Uploading Pictures UsingTinypic

As of this writing 6/7/17, Photobucket has gotten greedy and wants a huge ransom for their service. Tinypic is way easier if you are using a computer. Tinypic will not work using pics generated from a phone.  When you are making a post, put your cursor where you want your picture to be and click the Tinypic logo. It brings up a window that says "Choose file" , it should bring up your picture file and click on the picture and click the "open" button.You should now be back at the Tinypic window and click "upload now". Your picture should show up in the Tinypic window and then click "Add to post." That's it.

First of all it helps to resize the pics for the viewers. I use Paint. It is on all computers under accessories. Bring up the picture you want to upload, right click on it and it will say "Open with", paint is one of the options, click on it. (I resize all my pictures to 900 pixels horizontal. ) Paint comes up with the picture loaded in it. About the third column, there is a "resize" button, click it, and then you can select "Percentage" or "Pixels", making sure the "maintain current aspect ratio" box is checked, click Pixels, enter 900 in the horizontal box. Paint will adjust the vertical size to keep the pic in proportion. Click OK. Then in upper left, click, and you will see a drop down box, click "save as", paying attention where the computer is saving it or change it to a file where you can easily find the pic.

You need an account at a photo sharing site. I use . You will have to register an account. Just enter your email address in the Sign up page. They will send you a password. Click on upload in the upper left, and then Choose Images in the middle of the page. Your picture file should pop up, and select the picture you want, and then click "Open". Your image should show on the top of the page when uploaded, Then click the copy box on the right, next to the url, in the line that says "Hotlink for Forums". (Second from bottom). Paste that into your post where you want the pic.

That should do it for you.

Hopefully this helps.
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Re: Uploading Pics to Posts
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Re: Uploading Pics to Posts
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2017, 05:24:51 PM »
Trying to upload 121 KB image to my post keep getting error message folder full ....... any suggestions


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Re: Uploading Pics to Posts
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@pikebuster, please check your PM's

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Re: Uploading Pics to Posts
« Reply #4 on: November 17, 2017, 01:41:38 AM »
I've always hosted pics on our personal sight to post on forums but wanted to try this tinypic method, here goes nothing:

The beach near Sunnyside, many years ago:

Almost same location the next morning:

Seems to be working! Not sure the lifecycle of tinypic (how long tinypic will share the pics) but at this moment it worked quite well.
These were posted at 17-November-2017, lets see how long they stay posted.
FYI we have no tinypic account.
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