The fly in newbies - another older trip report from our first fly in

Started by gordy28ca, January 21, 2020, 07:20:05 PM

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Back in 2014 our group made a big jump and completed our first fly in

In a word it was epic and have been on 3 since then and are headed out again in 2020

PB walleye were caught, we were stranded in Thessalon and so much more

A few quick shots below but you can check the full story here

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That was a fantastic read Gordy!!!  Congrats on an excellent trip and great trip report.

I have to try a fly in trip sometime in my future... you sell it 110%!!



Gordy, after reading your fly in report, and after an hour of day dreaming, I have to ask you if there were some pearly gates that you had to pass thru when you fellows were airborne? What a wonderful trip!

You don't get these days back.  Live each day as if it were your last and one day you will be right.


Thanks guys - glad you enjoyed it
Writing reports is what convinced me to build the website and write more.

Greg - IMO its one of those things all fisherman/outdoorsman should try once, expecially a single cabin outpost - the rent a lake feeling is incredible

Captain  - no pearly gates lol  - to be honest on the way there I was really nervous and just wanted the plane to land!  But in the end you are right it was indeed magical/heavenly
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Hey Andrew...great read. Thanks. 

We looked at using White River Air once to plan a trip up to Gourlay Lake on a suggestion from Mike Borger; after all considerations were put out there, we overwhelmingly decided to stay with Lake Kipawa for many reasons. Most of all, just the size of Kipawa tells you the opportunity for exploration is endless. Whether you're exploring for fish, or scenery, or a good bush exploration, the potential is endless. And in our experience, to really get to know a lake takes several years...though I'd contend a lake the size of Pickle or Gourlay could likely be figured out pretty quickly. It took us at least 10 years to learn Kipawa, and we're still learning, but we know it well enough now to catch more fish than we ever had anywhere else...way more...and in relatively quick order.

I'd say at this point in my life the only fly-in I'm ever going to take would be a Cree Lake Lodge, Scott Lake Lodge, Hatchet Lake Lodge...something like that waaay north. Until that day arrives, you'll find me on Lake Kipawa...twice a year.

Were you ever able to put your trip together for a 2020 trip to Kipawa?


Embrace every only get it once


Hey T Bone - thanks for note

I hear you re the idea of knowing a lake over time, especially a big lake like Kipawa.   

With my group I would say its a tie between wanting to catch a lot of fish and exploring as the biggest driver of our trips which is why we tried a fly in

My 2020 plans are still evolving lol - it would be me and my daughter who is 10.  Trying to get a sense of does she really want to do a fishing trip w Dad or does she just want to hang out at a cottage w Dad and fish a bit lol.  We can do the cottage thing quite cheap, Kipawa (or any lodge) is a but more expensive so I am not rushing into anything


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