Ice Out Lake Kipawa Contest

Started by pike mike, March 21, 2018, 12:55:59 PM

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pike mike

Realizing that there are other bodies of water ie Ogascanan  covered on this site I still would be interested to see when people guess the ice will be out of Lake Kipawa or other lakes in the region .
86 .5 days till I return to 3 Seasons


Ha, I remember this conversation from a few years ago... I think it was 2nd or 3rd week of April - pictures were posted of the ice still being white, then that "black" colour, then slush then straight open water...

My guess is 3rd week of April...


Days spent fishing don't count against life :)



I forsee a warm spring and ice out on April 30th.


To try to spice things up a bit, I have decided to add some incentive to everyone guessing when the ice will be out on Kip.  I have a $25 Bass Pro gift card that I will forward on to the winner. If we could enlist the help of @wayne , to give us the final judgement call for ice out. In the future, if you would reply to this post for your guesses. I will try to merge the two Ice out threads only so that it will be easier to keep track of and not quite as confusing.

Just dawned on me, maybe we should have a deadline to enter the contest to prevent someone from entering a date the day before the ice goes out if they are watching it closely. Let's make it April 15, US income tax day. Maybe that is a bit late, but we will see.

Whoever wins the contest, you will then need to PM me your address so I can forward the card to you.

Have fun.


Hi Nancy, Great idea. Love to help. I will  post my arrival  the day I drive up the lake to the lodge. I will also donate a Kipawa Lodge T- shirt and hat to the lucky winner. To help everyone with there guesses, in the past 30 years my earliest arrival at camp was April 9th, ( by boat) and the latest was May 10th. Post your dates.  :)


This is AWESOME.. Makes me feel connected to the lake even earlier in the season!!  Thanks Nancy and Wayne.



Thank you @wayne for your help and contribution.


Thanks Nancy and Wayne. I'll go for April 9th.

Captain Steve

Thanks Wayne and Nancy! I will guess April 11th . Good luck everyone!

Jig and drift

Thanks Wayne and Nancy !  April 21 st. Why not ?


Yes,thanks Nancy and Wayne ! Keeps things interesting . Maybe some other outfitters would like to ante up also !!! My guess is May 1 st .


Great idea - my guess is Apr 25 - Thanks Nancy and Wayne


Mayday!  Mayday!  May 1st is my entry.

You don't get these days back.  Live each day as if it were your last and one day you will be right.